XinniXSoft has released Magic Crystal on iTune Store

posted on 03 Nov 2010 00:17 by xinnixblog

Bangkok, 24 Octorber 2010 - XinniXSoft has released the first application for iPhone and iPod touch called "Magic Crystal". Magic Crystal is an entertainment application that can perform a magic trick by guessing what card your player has picked.


In Magic Crystal, the performer will act him/her self as the oracle. The performer will ask another player to just tell the performer what card he/she has in mind. Then Magic Crystal will ask some basic questions from the player. The player will be surprise how the Magic Crystal know what card the player has picked.


"This is unbelievable how this app only ask you a few questions that doesn't have the information related to the selected card at all" This is always make the player goes crazy. "Your app might have some voice recognition" said by one of the player.


Magic Crystal sell for 0.99$ on iTune Stores or just visit our website for more information at


In 2008, XinniXSoft has been founded by a group of developer in Bangkok,Thailand for the making creative and entertainment applications.